Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Corrupt Bitches Club

There's a new scent of fraud and corruption sweeping across Alaska. It has a new look and this time it's wearing perfume instead of cologne, but it still can't hide the awful stench.

For years the state of Alaska and an oil rich lobbyist, were used like a personal ATM machine by the good old boys, later coined The Corrupt Bastards Club. You've heard of them. It's the gang of thugs and thieves that included, 11 lawmakers, businessmen, lobbyists and former Senator Ted Stevens. Many were indicted on federal charges and others like Don Young and Ben Stevens are still expected to be. Sarah Palin claimed to have taken on the "good old boys" but the fact is she had nothing to do with their downfall or the investigations.

She couldn't have because Sarah Palin wasn't sworn in as Governor until Dec. 5th 2006. The "Alaska Political Probe" headed by The Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the FBI and the IRS began in 2004 and the raids conducted by the FBI on some 20 lawmakers offices occurred August 31, 2006. The warrants permitted the search of computer files, personal diaries, Alaska Public Offices Commission reports, and any other items showing evidence of financial ties between legislators and the oilfield services company VECO and it's CEO Bill Allen. They were also authorized to seize clothing items with the phrase "Corrupt Bastards Club" or its related acronym printed on it. Yes, the lawmakers were so brazen about all of this they had Tshirts made up, they were THAT bold.

Besides the fact that Sarah didn't arrive in office until after most of the evidence against these fools had been collected, the other fact she REALLY doesn't want people to know about is her connections with the infamous Bill Allen. Bill Allen and his ahem, "contributions" to these folks are what the investigations and subsequent indictments were all about. Everyone considered to be associated with the Corrupt Bastards Club was also involved with taking money from Bill Allen and VECO. Sarah Palin also took a lot of money from Bill Allen and VECO. In fact, it could be said that without Bill Allen and VECO, nobody in this country outside of Wasilla would have ever heard of Sarah Palin.

In 2001, still delusional about her disastrous performance as Mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin decided she would make a good Lt. Governor. Considering she managed to botch up everything she touched as Mayor, she figured she would not only need someone to bankroll her campaign, but some serious clout behind her as well. So she set off to the house of the most crooked influential person she knew, VECO CEO Bill Allen to sip some wine and talk about her future. Shortly thereafter money came pouring into her campaign at $500 a pop over a 2 day period, from Bill Allen, his executives and their spouses. Bill Allen has admitted the company steers its donations through a "special bonus program" in which executives received money and the company instructed them to donate it to favored politicians. Their contributions totaled $4,500 which represented 10% of all the money raised for her campaign.

With her abysmal record as Mayor of Wasilla still fresh in Alaskans mind, her bid for Lt. Governor failed in 2002 but she learned from the experience. In 2005 she went back to feed from the trough of big oil money again in making her run for Governor and the rest is history. With her successful bid for Governor firmly in hand, along with most of the good old boys facing federal charges, we now had a new gang of thugs in town to take advantage of everything that Alaska has to offer. They were a prettier, better smelling version of the same old song and dance that I like to call the Corrupt Bitches Club.

Let's take a look at some of the players:

 Sarah (The Swag Hag) Palin

Aliases: Grifter, Grandma, Mooselini

Known For: Quitting, Word Salads, Tax Dodging, Lying

Last Seen: Swindling money from retarded folk

Master manipulator, head bitch and grifter extraordinaire, former half term, half wit, half Governor of Alaska. She's not only fashionable, but has the audacity to preach abstinence after screwing the largest state in the country. Known to have taken money from VECO, found guilty of Abuse of Power by the legislature and gave $500 million dollars of state funds to her friends in Canada. Stated that Obama began his political career in "a terrorists living room" while forgetting to mention she started hers sipping wine in the living room of Bill Allen who has been convicted on multiple counts of felony bribery. First important act in office was to appoint over 100 friends from high school, church and political contributors to high level positions "without apparent regard to qualifications."

If Found: Approach with extreme caution and Taco Bell crunch wraps. Sarah has been know to smile diabolically while driving a knife into your back. Contact the FBI or the IRS as they may have some questions for her

Linda (The Godmother) Menard

Aliases: The Valley Tycoon

Known For: Being Director of Everything

Last Seen: Matchmaking for Chucky Jr.

Sarah's protector and security blanket. Has been fawning over and preening Sarah since her beauty pageant days. Likes to use the word "nifty" when asked what she thinks about the Palin debacle known as AGIA. Has a B.A. in Elementary Education, yet somehow manages to be on the Board of Directors for seemingly every medically related operation (CFO; Palmer/Wasilla Dental Centers, President; American Cancer Society, Director; Valley Hospital Associations, Founder; Mat-Su  Mental Health Foundation, Executive Director; Mat-Su Health Foundation, Board of Directors; Mat-Su Regional Hospital)  in the valley. When Sarah began to get into trouble as Governor, Linda decided to run for Senate so she could help to protect her protege'. After running roughshod over Lyda Green and convincing her to pull out of the Senate race, she's been the prime sponsor for such incredibly important bills as SB58 establishing Marmot day instead of Groundhog day (even though groundhogs are of the marmot family), SB43 adopting a second verse to the Alaska state song (a bill that had been killed twice before) and last but not least SB210 addressing Municipal Property Tax Exemptions (that should save Sarah a few bucks).

If Found: Beware, she will do anything to protect Palin. Ask her why she isn't doing anything to stop the eradication of her beloved marmot that's going on now, from Sud Island north of Kodiak. Contact the Legislative Budget and Audit committee (which she is a member of) to find out why the Matanuska Creamery audit/investigation has been stalled.

Kristan (The Hammer) Cole

Aliases: Kristan Tanner, Kristan Moseley, KC Moseley

Known For: Phony Fundraising, Covering Tracks

Last Seen: Suffering from enormous stress

The go to girl for anything Sarah doesn't want to dirty her hands with. Learned all the ins and outs of fraud, forgery, embezzlement and money laundering of Trust Fund money from her mother Cheryl King/Moseley. Known for her uncanny ability to orate falsehoods, insatiable greed and lack of being able to keep promises or put together quarterly reports. She's sole trustee of the Alaska Fund Trust, the personal slush fund for the Palin family, which was found by the investigator hired by the personnel board to be unethical and/or illegal, yet still continues to solicit donations. Appointed to head the Board of Agriculture and Conservation by Palin, a farm regulatory position that by state law must go to someone with strong agricultural and business experience. She continues to run this position with an iron fist, removing anyone who would question her authority, even though her appointment expired in '09. Appointed herself Chair of the Matanuska Creamery, a private dairy that sprung up after the hostile takeover of Mat Maid by the Corrupt Bitches Club, that continues to drain state and federal money at an alarming rate. I guess as a real estate agent, perhaps she sold a farm sometime giving her the qualifications for these positions and it shows.

If Found: Proceed with caution, she can be very dangerous when cornered. Ask her where those quarterly reports are for the Alaska Fund Trust. Contact the BAC and tell them they don't have to put up with her nonsense anymore, her term is expired.

Franci (The Gagmeister) Havemeister

Aliases: The Milkery Maid

Known For: Throwing her considerable weight around

Last Seen: Sucking up to her Father In Law

High school friend of Sarah Palin was appointed as Director for the State Division of Agriculture over 20 other infinitely more qualified applicants, including the Professor at UAF with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Her qualifications were marrying the son of the biggest, baddest dairy farmer in the Valley, the fact she used to work for Kristan Cole and of course, her fondness for cows as a child. A master at hushing people up, she's been known to throw out gag orders on employees like most people throw out contaminated cheese. Has been heard stating "that if the Valley Dairy wanted to get the personal guarantee requirement lifted, we have to pull our last two strings; Kristen Cole and Sarah Palin.", when she isn't busy trying to get fraudulent loans (she has a personal/conflict of interest in) approved by hook or by crook. Rules through intimidation and the slowly diminishing power of her friends listed above. Isn't smart enough to be much of a threat to anyone, once the Parnell administration is voted out of office. She will simply ride off into the sunset with whatever she's been able to help herself to in state assets while in office.

If Found: Use caution and wear nose plugs due to her long time fascination with cows. Turn down any offers of cheese and crackers or a glass of milk. Contact the USDA as they may be interested in having a chat with her.

Meg (Kool Aid) Stapleton

Aliases: Stapletongue, Motormouth, Bitch

Known For: Selling her soul to the devil, incessant rants

Last Seen: Arguing with Jason Recher cashing large check

The trained attack dog. Once a well liked journalist in Alaska, remembered for nearly getting run over by a reindeer during a broadcast, threw away her promising career after drinking some of the Palin Kool-Aid. Greed, a taste for power and her vindictive nature brought her into the Palin inner circle and allowed her to spew hate, while desperately trying to translate the Palin word salad into something real umerickans could understand for years. Lack of integrity, intelligence or anything resembling being human, reminded Sarah too much of herself and thus Motormouth had to be dismissed. She was able to double and sometimes triple dip, for being able to toss the Palin word salad by releasing a statement or two a month, padding her income nicely from the state with SarahPac payments to her and her husband. She is unlikely to bring much harm to most Alaskans since her dismissal, as long as they don't take a good hard look at her. She was always in way over her head, she was just too greedy to notice.

If Found: Proceed with caution, it's unknown how much bite has been taken out of her bark and you can bet she will bark a lot. If you can muzzle her up long enough, ask her when she's going to write her book.  Contact CBS care of 60 Minutes or David Letterman, I'm sure they're both holding time slots open for her.

The big question is, will this group have their own Tshirts printed up as well?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why is Alaska HDTV lying about Sarah Palin -- Update

In late February of 2008 Alaska HDTV filmed the now infamous "Hiking in Juneau" video featuring our former half term, half Governor, Sarah Palin. The "podcast" was filmed 2 or 3 weeks before Sarah decided to inform anyone that she was pregnant but from what we know now, she was "supposedly" 6 months along into a high risk pregnancy, while strolling the ice covered streets in high heeled boots with coffee in hand. To me she doesn't appear to be 6 months pregnant, and she certainly doesn't act like it but viewers can decide that for themselves.

The state of her alleged pregnancy is only one of the controversies surrounding this video though and what seems to have been overlooked, is the strange behavior by those at Alaska HDTV after it's release. They have repeatedly changed their story as it relates to the events of that day, which raises a lot more questions than it answers. So let's take a look at what has been said by the folks at AHDTV since this video was released, add to it what we now know in 2010 as facts relating to all things Sarah, and see if any of this makes any sense.

It seems that the controversy began over this video shortly after it appeared on Vimeo in late February of 2008. People obviously started asking enough questions about it that Scott Slone (the person who is "hiking" with Palin) decided to respond to them on the Vimeo site, and again in the comments section. You can view the video and read his comments here. (Update. I must have hit a nerve, after no updates to the AHDTV Vimeo page for 2 years, within hours of this posting the Vimeo page was changed removing the comments I have listed below. However, you can still see the original cached page here nice try Scott, haven't you learned about cached pages yet) The only date given for these comments is rather vague, (2 years ago) but we can assume they were made in February or March of 2008, where he states:
"We even brought her a White Chocolate Mocha from Heritage Coffee"
"We have footage she was pregnant"

"No, Palin never drank the coffee"

"I do have b-roll from the shoot of Sarah. In reviewing the footage, yes she is pregnant"
Hmmm. So Scott is unequivocally stating that by March of 2008 he has at the very least, reviewed the tapes and found something on the "b-roll" that has convinced him she is pregnant. He doesn't offer to show this mysterious "b roll" (more on this later) tape so we'll just have to take his word for it I guess. Fair enough, but wait.... It seems he forgot to tell the cameraman what he found on the "b-roll" and what was in that coffee cup. On August 30th of '08 (one day after Sarah was tapped for the VP slot) the cameraman addresses this controversy on the "blog" portion of the AHDTV site, which conveniently disappeared not long after it was posted. Fortunately we have a google cache of that page, which Audrey at PD was clever enough to discover and post for all of us to read. Here's what Kevin the cameraman had to say:

"Regarding her pregnancy, all I can say is that it was not obvious to the three of us who were there during the filming"

"Sarah did not drink much of the caramel latte we brought her, which if I recall was decaffeinated"

"As for me and for the rest of us who visited Sarah back in February - I’m fairly certain we can say that we had no idea she was pregnant"

Well now isn't that interesting, three of them spending all that time with Sarah and they had no idea she was pregnant. They seem to be confused about a lot of things, whether she appeared pregnant, what kind of coffee it was, whether she drank it or not, whether it was caffeinated. Wow. You would think the A or the B roll might clear some of that up, since they shot footage in the coffee shop too, but I guess not. Don't feel too bad guys, as this isn't unusual for anything surrounding Sarah Palin, she confuses the hell out of everyone. In fact, there were 2 other tapes known to have been made of her after yours, and the folks involved with those were quite confused also. 

Two weeks later a Newsweek video was made on March 3rd of 2008, where she is on stage with Karen Breslau and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, two very smart and seemingly observant women. They didn't notice she was pregnant either probably because she sat cross legged and leaned far FAR forward during most of the long interview. Here's what Karen Breslau had to say about that strange day:

" At the time, I didn't know that Palin, clad in a loose, dark dress, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child. An aide called me the next day to tell me that Palin would be announcing the pregnancy at home in Alaska and that she had wanted me to know as a courtesy. She was sorry she hadn't mentioned it the night before."

Wow again. So she managed to slip her pregnancy past an experienced journalist and a female Governor. Well I guess if you view the video it's easy to see why, she certainly isn't acting like she's 7 months pregnant, with her tightly crossed legs, high heels and all that leany forwardy stuff. But hey, she was only 7 months along in a high risk pregnancy, it might be possible to move like that and fool the Governor of Arizona.. But wait.. Now we have the video shot by Elan Frank who followed her around for 3 days in April of '08, just 10 days before she gave birth and 4 days before the infamous "gusty photo", surely she couldn't put one over on that video crew. Yet once again, Elan Frank has stated he had no idea she was pregnant and was also contacted by an "aide" after the video was shot notifying him that Sarah was pregnant at the time.

Is it possible that all of these people were just too busy shooting video at the time, or trying to figure out her word salad to realize she was pregnant? Anyone who has ever listened to her speak knows it takes a tremendous amount of brain power to try and absorb, much less translate the crap that is coming out of her mouth. I guess it's possible she could have slipped her pregnancy by all of these folks that spent anywhere from a few hours to a few days with her. But wait... How about Erika Fagerstrom, (Assistant to the First Gentleman/Executive Residence Manager) who was living with her in the Governors mansion at the time? She would see her everyday in various versions of WalMart pajamas, bathrobes etc. Surely she would notice that she was pregnant, I mean after all, Scott noticed after simply reviewing the "b-roll."  She seemed just as surprised as everyone though on March 6th when it was announced. Her congratulatory email can be seen here. The fact is NONE of her staff was aware she was pregnant until she announced it as reported by ADN.

It sure would be great to see thisl "b-roll" footage that shows something no one else at the time saw wouldn't it. Did she pull up her jacket and flash some cars going by exposing her belly that Scott and the cameraman somehow didn't remember? Did she flash Scott while the rest of the film crew was on break and his back was turned while the camera was mounted and running on a tripod? This is exactly the type of footage I would like to see, so I contacted the folks at AHDTV about it a few weeks ago.

In the response I got, Scott has now added a new line to the story he hadn't revealed before, Scott states:
 " I'm not going to debate whether she was pregnant or not, or if she was wearing something to make her look pregnant. Footage is footage, and her handler knew."
Yikes. Now you're saying her "handler" knew? Well why didn't you just tell us that 2 years ago Scott? Could it be because it would be hard to explain why her handler would also tell you to bring a white chocolate mocha (or was it a caramel latte'), to a 44 year old woman who was 6 months into a high risk pregnancy? I mean, how else would you know what to bring her, if her "handler" didn't tell you what she liked to drink? It couldn't be because you were trying to keep a secret, she had already revealed her fake pregnancy by the time you made the comments on Vimeo. By the time your cameraman made his comments on the blog, she had already adopted Trig and showed him off to the world.

Did she fire this mysterious "handler" after your interview? It seems strange that you would have been informed, yet the people at Newsweek weren't 2 weeks later. Maybe she didn't bring her "handler" along for that appearance. It would seem that this "handler" would have told Elan Frank about it sometime during the 3 days they spent together in April though, but apparently not. You're stating now that you were informed of something that none of her staff knew about, say much less anyone else in Alaska. That must have been a very special moment for you, too bad it never happened.

Scott also informed me in his response that this "b-roll" footage would cost 200 dollars per second. Wow. That's $720,000.00 an hour for "b-roll" tape. I shudder to think of what the "a-roll" goes for, or perhaps they just don't want anyone to see it. In making sure he has all of his bases covered concerning this footage he also notes:
 "the rate for a frame capture is no different then entire clip so please don't request proof or a single frame capture."
So I can't just "request proof" or take the cheapskate way out and pay for the "single frame capture", or a few frames that could supposedly exonerate Saint Sarah and prove to the world that she was indeed pregnant. No, I would have to purchase the entire clip at 200 bucks a second. Did you have your lawyer write this up for you Scott? Sarah has a lot of money now, perhaps you should make that offer to her, so she could prove it herself without having to provide that pesky birth certificate. Oy vay.

This video was a big deal for AHDTV, they scored time with the Governor when even the legislators couldn't find her. It was SO unusual for an obscure podcast to be given this opportunity (when everyone else was looking for her) that rumors immediately began that Scott was having an affair with Sarah. Nobody could figure out how they were granted access to her, when everyone else was running around Juneau wearing "Where's Sarah" buttons and plastering the bumper sticker version onto their cars.

To my knowledge she's by far the most famous person AHDTV has ever had in front of their cameras. This video is far and away their most watched clip and is in fact, the video that put them on the media map in Alaska. It was their launching point into the mainstream media from just being a podcast company. Yet incredulously, they can't seem to remember much of what happened on that day. They can't keep their stories straight. They have clearly embellished the story as time goes by to make it seemingly more plausible, and they have removed webpages regarding their contradictions. AHDTV is obviously lying about at least some of the things that happened that day. The question is why?

Were they bought off by Sarah or the Governors office? Were they threatened by the McCain legal team that swooped in on this state the first part of September '08, when the blog page disappeared? Were the rumors right and Scott Slone was indeed having an affair with the Governor? Did their new affiliation with KTBY Fox in Anchorage have something to do with it? Until someone from AHDTV begins to tell the truth here, we may never know. Which brings me to the last part of Scott's "note to the controversy" on the Vimeo site:
"Scott is available for interviews and appearances to qualify this production with Sarah Palin"
I'm certainly hoping that talking to Scott directly about this will be cheaper than 200 dollars a second. I'll be seeing you at your "appearance" in May Scott, and you can bet I'll have some questions for you.  


Since my post on this issue yesterday, the AHDTV Vimeo page has been changed twice. For 2 years these comments from Scott on this issue remained on the Vimeo page as it appears here:
Note to controversy:
Yes, we have B-Roll footage of Palin for purchase. We have footage she was pregnant. There was no affair with Scott Slone, and is not the father. No, Palin never drank the coffee. and Alaska HDTV is not Owned by FOXNews. Scott is available for interviews and appearances to qualify this production with Sarah Palin.  
Sometime last night, Scott removed those comments and changed it to this:
"Regarding Palin being pregnant during this filming - Interviews will only be accepted by qualified media and top level Bloggers. No amateur and conspiracy bloggers."
In a move right out of the Palin playbook, after throwing up a few smokescreens that didn't work, Scott is now taking his ball and going home. He doesn't want to play anymore. Today the Vimeo page was changed yet again and now says this:
"Unfortunately due to mounting emails, abuse, and conspiracy surrounding this episode with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. No interviews, comments, or video will be will be given. This video is simply what it is"
Wow... So he's decided nobody is ever going to see the infamous "b-roll" that he so emphatically stated shows that Sarah was pregnant and he isn't going to talk to anyone about it anymore either. I guess that video you claimed to have, wasn't really what you claimed it to be was it Scott? Because you see, just like Sarah, it would be so easy to show us the proof and make this "conspiracy" go away. Instead, just like Sarah, when you're called out on it, you try a few tricks and when that doesn't work, you play the victim and use that as your excuse for not backing up or standing by anything you've stated.

The fact remains that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig until proven otherwise, and you don't have any proof whatsoever.